GG 025: I give it 6 months.

Join Dex and Mac as the celebrate 6 months gold making podcast goodness! They also delve into some specific auction house hints and strategies. From all of us at the Goblin Goldcast, thank you for joining us for the last 6 months of making gold in World of Warcraft!

GG 021: Tool Time.

Dex turns 51 and the guys celebrate by selecting the best listener topic suggestion for this week’s show. Join Dex and Mac as they talk about essential tools for making gold in World of Warcraft. Special thanks to Bayou Billy for the show idea!

GG 019: Stay Classy Azeroth.

This week’s show comes a little early as Dex prepares to leave for vacation. Next week’s show will be a little late, but will be posted as soon as it’s ready.


Join Dex and Mac as they talk about how to maximize Class Order Hall missions and World quests as a way to make enough gold to pay for your game token each month. So, strap in and watch our hosts stumble through this weeks show about making gold in World of Warcraft.

GG 018: Blizzconned!

Join Dex and Mac as they attempt to steer clear of all the election drama and bring you their report on Blizzcon 2016. In this longer than usual podcast, they go over some very interesting new information about what lies on the horizon for World of Warcraft, and how savvy goblins can take advantage and make lots of gold!