GG 033: Unsolicited Responses.

Join Dex and Mac this week as they answer questions from various forums. The fact that no one was asking them doesn’t seem to get in their way at all. At some point along the way you may even learn a thing or two about making gold in World of Warcraft, but don’t bet your gold cap on it! 😉

GG 031: Screenshot or it didn’t happen.

Dex and Mac talk a bit about Macs antisocial behavior and how that’s been impacted by the latest fiasco with RealID. They also get around to talking a little bit about making gold in World of Warcraft.

GG 030: Interview with the Goldmaker.

Join Dex and Mac as they interview The Lazy Goldmaker from his blog of the same name. Lazy shares his perspective on gold making in World of Warcraft. Be sure to check out his blog at

GG 028: Eat a Snickers.

Dex and Mac tackle another listener question, this time about transferring to a new realm and taking your wealth with you. Also this episode marks the launch of a new segment called “Mac corrects all his screw-ups from last episode.” Now, let’s all make some gold in World of Warcraft!

GG 025: I give it 6 months.

Join Dex and Mac as the celebrate 6 months gold making podcast goodness! They also delve into some specific auction house hints and strategies. From all of us at the Goblin Goldcast, thank you for joining us for the last 6 months of making gold in World of Warcraft!