GG 012: Breaking Bad

Join Dex and Mac as they take off their Starlight Rose-colored glasses and give us an honest review of Legion so far. They’ll tell you all about the good, the bad, and the ugly as the Legion gold rush continues. One thing is certain: It’s a great time to make gold in World of Warcarft!

GG 011: This one goes to eleven.

This week Dex and Mac talk about their continued success making gold in Legion and how Herbalism has been very good to them. They also discuss many of the addons that they use to make gold in World of Warcraft.

The following addons were discussed in this week’s show:

Bagnon, Bag Brother, Battle pet breed ID, Easy obliterate, Foglight, Gathermate, Gnome Sequencer, Handynotes, Master Plan, NPCscan, Passloot, Serverhop, The Undermine Journal, Titan Panel, TomTom, World Quest Tracker, and Tradeskill Master.

Listed below are some great links to get you on your way with TSM (Tradeskill Master). Special thanks the creators at each of the links!

Written Guide:

Part 1: Initial setup


Video Guide:



GG 007: Twenty Questions

Dex and Mac go a bit long in this week’s podcast in order to answer all 20 questions featured in the #20DaysofGM (twenty days of gold making) challenge. Fellow gold maker and Youtuber Reckles at WTBGold invited other World of Warcraft gold makers and creators to join him in the exercise, and with only had one podcast left before the Legion launch, they decided to do all 20 in this show. Yikes!