GG 046: “Gender Fluid” just sounds dirty.

Mac can not be held responsible for this episode’s show title. Dex wrote it long after Mac went to bed, so he was completely unsupervised. This week the guys continue with part two of a three part series on making gold with professions. Also, Dex is shocked to learn that women actually listen to the show. Oops…

GG 045: Alcohol may have been a factor.

This week the guys interview Reckles from the Youtube channel WTBGold! Please join them for this extra long episode as they battle audio issues and deal with a host who may or may not have had too much to drink. Oh, and they talk about gold making too.

GG 044: Let’s be Professional.

The gang over at the Lion’s Pride Tavern podcast have a major lapse in judgment and invite the guys to raid with them. What could go wrong? Also join Dex and Mac this week for part one of a three part series on making gold with professions.

GG 040: What happens in Azeroth, stays in Azeroth.

The Goblin Goldcast hits episode 40! Join Dex and Mac as they talk about making gold by supplying the masses! There’s still some gold to be made in those older expansions! The show will be on hiatus next week as the guys vacation in Las Vegas! See you in two weeks!