GG 046: “Gender Fluid” just sounds dirty.

Mac can not be held responsible for this episode’s show title. Dex wrote it long after Mac went to bed, so he was completely unsupervised. This week the guys continue with part two of a three part series on making gold with professions. Also, Dex is shocked to learn that women actually listen to the show. Oops…

4 thoughts on “GG 046: “Gender Fluid” just sounds dirty.”

  1. Man, here I’d started to roll up a fair bit of gold thanks to your advice… (albeit, 200k is probably peanuts by your standards, but it’s more than I’ve managed to scrape up in WoW before, ever…)

    Then the 7.2.5 patch drops, and I have to upgrade five full sets of heirlooms at 5k/pop. SIGH. Well, back to the grinding board.
    (Also, just to chime in, I’m also a woman that listens to your podcast, haha… there’s more of us than you think!)

    1. (that is to say, 5k/item. One full set of ‘it counts for xp’ looms upgraded from 100 to 110 comes out to 30k. Owwww.)

      1. It’s a gold sink, that’s for sure! 🙂

        As to the 200k, remember what I always say. The amount of gold you make is relative. A much better way to look at your gold making is to compare it to past earnings. By that standard you are killing it!

        I’m very happy to be wrong about our listener demographic. We have a blast making the show (as I’m sure you can tell) and welcome all listeners… even Alliance. 🙂

        Thanks for listening!


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