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  1. I have a question I haven’t heard addressed. On my main servers (Moon Guard/WRA) there’s a real righteous plague of the ‘one copper undercutters’. People who post items all of 1c/1s below yours. It annoys the hell out of me out of principle, but is it better to pull down/repost and lose the posting fee or just leave the item? It’s obviously not worth buying theirs as the ‘profit’ you’d get would be less than the posting fee. The most annoying thing is the people seem to sit in the AH all day and will do the 1-copper-below-yours thing REPEATEDLY, i.e. within minutes of you reposting if you do repost.

  2. One way to deal with it is to figure out what hours they are active, and post at another time. Of course this assumes that they are not camping the AH 24/7. If they are doing that, it’s highly likely that you are dealing with a bot.

    In my opinion you deal differently with a bot. Some are poorly set up and have no lower limit set for a price. If you find this to be the case, an opportunity exists to make a lot of gold off them. What follows assumes a 24/7 bot and that the item(s) in question are common items like herbs and ore. Here’s what I’d do to test this.

    Wait until it’s late at night or early morning server time. Post 1 of the item only at a very low price and see if you are undercut. If you are, you’re golden. With singles just post lower until you drive their price to almost nothing, then buy everything.

    I hope this helps!


    1. A lot of the time it’s gear, but as I’m kind of a night owl, it’s definitely worth testing on stackables. Thanks for the tip! (I admit, I’m so grouchy about it that when I have to buy something and I see the 1c undercut thing happening, I fork out that extra copper to NOT buy from the jerk/bot…) Come to think of it, I think I’ve seen people ‘phishing’ this technique while I was posting other stuff, putting up some rare-ish mat for pennies. (I always buy it, haha.)

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