GG 040: What happens in Azeroth, stays in Azeroth.

The Goblin Goldcast hits episode 40! Join Dex and Mac as they talk about making gold by supplying the masses! There’s still some gold to be made in those older expansions! The show will be on hiatus next week as the guys vacation in Las Vegas! See you in two weeks!

GG 035: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Dex and Mac deliver a gold making podcast this week of a caliber not possible without the aid of a large amount of whiskey. Join them as they talk about Sky Golems, Crafted Legendaries, and Blizzcon 2017. They also answer some questions from listeners on making gold in World of Warcraft.

GG 034: Blame Canada.

He’s Canadian, plays alliance, and Dex blames him personally for Justin Bieber, but the guys decide to interview him anyway! Join Dex and Mac as they interview Constraxx from the podcast Ctrl Alt WoW. There may even be a few gold making tips for World of Warcraft.